Howling Halloween!!!

By October 31, 2014What's New

We had some WICKED volunteers at our annual Halloween Costume Party!
A big howl goes out to…

Susan Adams • Corissa BerrettJustis Berrett • Kai Berrett • Macie Berrett • 
Scott Berrett • Cecilia Carlin • Marie Cole (& Charlie) • Bobbee Downs
 • George Fern (& Donna) • Cass & Nellie Foster • Doris & Wally Jaynes • Lisa Jobson-Ching •  Teresa Kravitz • Linda Low • Julie Murphy • Jack Niemiec • Pualani Raines • 
Norm & Julie Schuller • Christena Southwick • Kena Viernes
We had 335 visitors despite the event being postponed one week due to the threat from Hurricane Ana. We would also like to thank five people who were signed up to volunteer on the original date but who were unable to attend a week later due to prior commitments:
Alana Bodenstab, Nicki Pignoli, Charles O’Neill, Charlie O’Neill, and Katie O’Neill.
Let’s not forget our Grounds Crew who put up the decorations year after year and get more creative each time!
If you haven’t experienced this annual event please consider joining us next year. We could not put together such a magical evening for our keiki without the support of our volunteers!

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