From a bird's eye view the Formal Garden is a resplendent jewel.



. . . in all shapes and sizes!


Unique landscapes

. . . await you.


Planting for the Future


An Abundance of Beauty

to behold.


Na ‘Āina Kai Co-founders Joyce & Ed Doty

Welcome to Na ‘Aina Kai (“Lands by the Sea”) Botanical Gardens, Sculpture Park and Hardwood Plantation.  Reservations are REQUIRED to see the Gardens.

Joyce and Ed Doty, the founders of Na ‘Āina Kai, developed their extraordinary artistic and horticultural vision based upon their strong love for the land and the people of the tropics. Today, the mission of this not-for-profit organization continues to be multifaceted, strengthening the firm foundation upon which the gardens were conceived.
Na ‘Āina Kai strives to …

• Ensure its future sustainability through investment in forestry. And share what we learn to encourage others to invest in forestry for Hawaii’s future.
• Practice natural resource conservation based on sound scientific principles.
• Preserve the land and natural resources for future generations of visitors from the Hawaiian Islands and around the world.
• Provide an ever-evolving array of natural wonders and human-crafted artistic creations.
• Offer enchanting venues for private, corporate, and cultural events.