Can we walk around on our own?

Normally the Garden is seen only on guided tours with knowledgeable guides. However, in response to COVID-19 we are currently offering a Self-Guided Walking Tour. Reservations are required.

What kind of footwear do you recommend?

Comfortable walking shoes, no high heels.

Do you go on tour even on rainy days?

Yes, we have rain ponchos and umbrellas for use while on tours.

What is the difference between the Stroll & Ride tour and the Ride tour?

The Stroll & Ride tour is a walk thru our Formal Garden area and a ride thru the Wild Forest Area.
The Ride tour is designed for those who prefer not to walk or have difficulty walking.

Do you have a restaurant at your facility?

We do not have a restaurant, however, we do sell snacks such as chips, candy bars, soda and water in the gift shop.

Can we just come in and play in the Children’s Garden?

There are two ways to experience our Children’s Garden:

  1. Make a reservation on our Family Tour or
  2. Take advantage of “Keiki Day” which we offer once each month

Do you water the garden?

Yes. Even though Kaua‘i seems very wet, we need to supplement the Gardens’ water needs with an on-site well.

Does someone maintain the sculptures?

Yes. Using various techniques we have acquired through the years, we have a person that is dedicated to cleaning and polishing the sculptures year round.

Why are there no tours Saturday, Sunday and Monday?

We are closed for tours Saturday-Monday to take care of administrative needs and to let the Gardens grow.

Can I pet the albatrosses?

No. The albatrosses are a protected species and we are dedicated to keeping them safe. How would you like it if a huge bird petted you?

How many people work at Na ‘Āina Kai?

We have a staff of approximately 25 people who take care of administrative and maintenance needs. We also have a large group of volunteer docents that, once they go through the orientation training, lead tours through all parts of the Gardens. Please call us at (808) 828-0525 if you would like to volunteer.

Can I buy plants at the garden?

While we do have a wide range of island- and garden-oriented gifts, books, jewelry, and carved wood products in the Gift Shop, Na ‘Āina Kai does not sell any live plants.

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