Ahupua’a Depiction Mosaic

Alex Gupton


Holly Young

Athabascan Village

Overhead View

“Ganaandaii” = she recalls it

Holly Young

“Shoh” = Athabascan for bear- Kodiak brown bear with silver salmon

Randy Hand

“Spirit of Denali”

Christine Knapp

“Akiak” = Brave

Randy Hand

“Shin” = summer

Holly Young

“Ch’akwaii” = hawk

Holly Young

“Off to a Good Start”

Eva Stanley

Athabascan Village


Brenda Maltz

Lily of the Valley

Joffa Kerr

Jack Fountain

Kids have a ball at Na 'Aina Kai's monthly play day.

Hog Wash

Robin Laws


Randy Hand

Sam and Ciji

Cammie Lundeen

Great Sentinel Owl

Joseph Boulton


Kay Worden

Home Delivery

Blair Muhlestein


Ann LaRose

Frog Legs

Gary Alsum

Horticulture Amusement Garden Mosaic

Alex Gupton

Tour Director Group

Various Artists

Mr. Skeptical

Randy Hand

Magic Hands

Joshua Tobey

Lord Featherwick

Herb Mignery

Just Like Grandpa

Jane DeDecker

Mr. Tweed

Herb Mignery

Lunchtime Chaos

Randy Hand

Best Seat in the House

Diane Mason

Mr. Cheesencrackers

Randy Hand


Joshua Tobey

Mr. Cool

Royce Gilliland

Escargot with Stone Mushrooms

Randy Hand (Escargot) and Phillip Burgess (Stone Mushrooms)

Circle of Friends

Gary Lee Price

Flight of the Tropic Birds

Pancho Vinning


Robert Shure

Visitor Center

Heavy Thoughts

John Skurja

Funny Papers

Jane DeDecker

The Rescue

Glenna Goodacre

Touch the Sky

Jane DeDecker