Photo taken August 2018

The Poinciana Maze was planted in 1988 and while it was in fairly good shape, it was time to re-plant. Visitors can view the maze from the overlook in the Herb Garden and with a little imagination envision what it once looked like and what it will look like in a couple of years.

The beginning of the lava rock wall around the maze is going well. Musika Koli and his crew will build half of the wall. Then it will be the Na ‘Āina Kai crew’s turn to get in and remove the old mock orange stumps and replant new plants in the same config- uration. They will also redo the irrigation system. Once those projects are complete, Musika’s crew will come back and finish the rock wall. The last step will be to plant creeping fig, succulents and orchids on the walls and do some replanting inside the maze.