Guests must be on a guided tour in order to see the Gardens.

Tours are conducted Tuesday through Friday only. Tours begin and end with a visit to our Visitor’s Center and Gift Shop. Depending upon the tour you choose, you will travel to one or more of the diverse destinations within this 240 acre Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park.


Tours are offered each Tuesday through Friday throughout the year. Tours range in length from 1½ hours to 5 hours.


Our tours are conducted by knowledgeable volunteer guides. All tours are guided and suitable for children 13 and older. Children younger than 13 will enjoy one of our “Under the Rainbow” Children’s Garden Family Tours. Family tours must be pre-arranged.


Reservations are highly recommended; however, we are happy to accommodate drop-in guests on a space-available basis.


We are alway working to improve and expand the Gardens which means that occasionally we do have to close certain areas. You can check our Current Projects page to see what we’re currently up to.


Formal Gardens

1½ hours

$35 per person

 9am TUE • WED • THUR • FRI

 1pm TUE • WED • THUR

"Planting for the future" is a large sculpture in the wild garden.


Formal Gardens & Wild Forest Garden

3 hours

$50 per person

 9am TUE • WED • THUR • FRI
 1pm TUE • WED • THUR

Na Aina Kai cart


Formal Gardens & Wild Forest Garden

3 hours

$50 per person

9:30am TUE• WED • THUR

 9am FRI

Monk Seal


Formal Gardens & Kaluakai Beach

2½ hours

$50 per person

 9am TUE • WED • THUR



Formal Gardens & Wild Forest Garden & Kaluakai Beach

5 hours

$85 per person

 9:00am TUE • WED • THUR


Formal Gardens &

Children’s Garden

2 hours

$20/child • $35/adult

NO FAMILY TOURS in AUGUST and SEPTEMBER due to maintenance.  We MAY resume Family Tours mid September.  Please call us!

9:30am TUE • WED • THUR • FRI

1:30pm TUE • WED • THUR

Nene Geese


Offered Seasonally (DEC through APR)

2 hours

$60 per person

8:30am  WED


The Stroll • 1 1/2 hours • $35

The Formal Gardens are graced by a full-size Hedge Maze, Shower Tree Park, the Ka’ula Lagoon with its plunging waterfall and tropical island, a Japanese teahouse, the International Desert Garden, Romantic Palm Garden and the Orchid House and Gallery at the Visitor Center. There are many fascinating and wonderful things to see here and you will be able stroll through this beautiful area at a leisurely pace.

This tour is limited to 8 guests per guide.          Please Contact Us for Reservations.


The Ride • 3 hours • $50

Enjoy a guided riding tour of both the Formal Gardens and the Wild Forest Garden on a covered open-air cart. Discover some of Na ‘Aina Kai’s numerous water features, including a natural pond fringed with bamboo, palms and exotic tropical foliage. This tour gives a wonderful overview of the scope and variety of the Gardens, and is especially suitable for guests with limited walking ability.

This tour is limited to 8 guests per guide.          Please Contact Us for Reservations.


The Stroll & Ride • 3 hours • $50

Enjoy a leisurely stroll and ride through both Formal and Wild Forest Gardens. Visit our miniature Hawaiian ahupua’a and explore along winding paths and arched foot bridges bordering the hardwood plantation. Discover the abundance of exotic tropical flowers and foliage and be charmed by the extensive bronze sculpture collection.

This tour is limited to 8 guests per guide.          Please Contact Us for Reservations.


The Beach Walk • 2 1/2 Hours • $50

This pleasant walk takes you from the Visitor Center down a flight of steps to our Wild Forest path. As you descend into the cool, woodsy Kuliha’ili Canyon, enjoy the towering trees, fragrant flowers and interesting foliage along a meandering stream. At the bottom of the Canyon savor time to stroll at Kaluakai Beach before boarding the Gardens’ bus for a ride to the Formal Gardens. Here you will delight in a variety of life-size bronze sculptures, our Hedge Maze and the 3/4 acre Ka’ula Lagoon featuring fountains and a plunging waterfall.

This tour is limited to 9 guests per guide.          Please Contact Us for Reservations.


The Trek • 5 hours • $85

Trekkers explore all of the gardens, silent canyons, and ocean features of Na ‘Aina Kai. Enjoy the many moods of the Wild Forest Garden, Formal Gardens, Koli Ridge Bird Walk, Kuliha’ili Canyon and the white sands of Kaluakai Beach at the Makai Meadow and Marsh. The Trek requires advance reservations and includes lunch.

This tour is limited to 9 guests.          Please Contact Us for Reservations.


The Family Tour • 2 hours • $20/child • $35/adult

Families will enjoy time in the Formal Gardens, where children may feed the Koi in Ka’ula Lagoon, and walk through our full-sized hedge maze, along with discovering the many varieties of plants and sculpture. From there it is on to the Children’s Garden, where their senses will be awakened as they explore Jack’s pond, a gecko maze, the rubbertree treehouse, a tropical jungle with bridges, tunnels and slides, a kid-sized railroad train, log cabins and a covered wagon made from our own teak wood – all among kid-friendly plantings. The Children’s Garden is a happy and educational environment for both child and adult!

Please Contact Us for Reservations.


The Bird Tour • 2 hours • $60

This seasonal tour of the Bird Gardens features areas of habitat that some of Kauai’s native birds call home. Na ‘Aina Kai is one of the few places in the Hawaiian Islands where one can view albatross nests. The timing of these expeditions is set to allow visitors to observe some of the extraordinary activities of Laysan Albatross during nesting season which can include their unique mating/courtship dances, nest building, and/or chick care.  The Gardens’ permanent ponds are home to two critically endangered species, the Hawaiian goose (nene) and the Hawaiian moorhen, both of which nest here.  Other birds you may see are red-footed boobies, tropicbirds, great frigate birds, and pacific golden-plover. This special expedition visits areas of Na ‘Aina Kai that other tours do not include.

This tour is limited to 6 guests per guide.          Please Contact Us for Reservations.