Jack & Company

Jack & the Beanstalk Mosaic

Alex Gupton

Great Sentinel Owl

Joseph Boulton

Cart Wheel

Kay Worden


Lively Encounter

Kay Worden

Green Apples

Herb Mignery

Frog Legs

Gary Alsum

Giant Steps

Gary Alsum

Who’s Watching Who?

Jane DeDecker

Home Delivery

Blair Muhlestein


Ann LaRose

Flight of the Tropic Birds

Pancho Vinning

The Rescue

Glenna Goodacre

Touch the Sky

Jane DeDecker


Robert Shure

Hog Wash

Robin Laws

Big Bob

by Randy Hand

Sam and Ciji

by Cammie Lundeen


by Brenda Maltz

Lily of the Valley

by Joffa Kerr

Ahupua’a Depiction Mosaic

by Alex Gupton

Heavy Thoughts

by John Skurja

Funny Papers

by Jane DeDecker


by Holly Young