A botanical garden is a labor and cost intensive year round project. There is a never ending list of things to do, such as clearing debris, raking and blowing leaves, polishing sculptures, maintaining the carts, repairing broken systems, watering the plants, running the well, irrigation the flora and so on and so forth. Joyce and Ed’s vision extends far beyond their own lives and to that end they decided to ensure the Garden’s perpetuity by creating a large hardwood plantation. The Dotys purchased a large plantation lot, which also included the Kuliha‘ili Canyon and beach area, in 1995. That same year, they hired garden horticulturist, Marty Fernandes, who immediately became an important part of the Na ‘Ᾱina Kai team. Her husband, Chris, soon joined the staff as the garden mechanic and general fix-it man. Over the next four- year period, the Dotys and their staff planted approximately 60,000 hardwood trees on the Kilauea land.