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The Bog House

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"Under the Rainbow"
Children's Garden

Kaluakai Beach
& Meadow

Kilohana Plantation

Sculpture Credit:
by Jane DeDecker


The Bog House


Fog-enshrouded several times each day thanks to the wonders of modern technology, this otherworldly environment is home to a variety of warmth and moisture-loving plants. Tropical carnivorous pitcher plants, Nepenthes sp, are found hanging from trellises over the entrance and climbing up support posts. Other carnivorous species found here are a few Mexican butterworts, Pinguicula moranensis, in a raised bed and a few American pitcher plants, Saracenia sp, in the large, central peat bog.

The non-descript bladderwort, Utricularia sandersonii, is growing in a bed at the base of a wetwall where Maidenhair ferns flourish in the shade of the huge cut-work leaves of monstera plants. This foggy, boggy situation is also perfect for many tropical ornamental plants including brilliant orchids, fragrant gingers, colorful anthuriums, aromatic hoya and the carnivorous plant imitators, Dutchman's pipe and calico vine.

'Mostly Moose' by Joffa Kerr

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