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Sculpture Credit:
Tea for Two
by Ann LaRose

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Considerable depth of thought and sentiment has gone into Joyce Doty 's choice of sculptures for Na ‘Āina Kai. She personally has selected the more than 150 bronze sculptures complementing the garden and wild areas of the property, and she also has chosen the precise locations upon which they are placed.

by George Lundeen

“The first bronze I fell in love with was George Lundeen's Valentine ” reminisced Mrs. Doty. “I bought it to surprise Ed on our anniversary (I can't recall which one), and before it arrived I had already decided that the perfect setting would be the large banyan tree you pass as you come down the driveway to our home. It says to me, ‘This is a peaceful place to spend some time.'”

Indeed, Valentine seems to have been crafted with Joyce and Ed Doty in mind. Some people even say the poignant bronze couple looks astonishingly like these venerable founders of Na ‘Āina Kai. There is a synergy between the Doty's that exemplifies the adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When they embark on a project, they can move mountains. Their collective energy has been at the core of Na ‘Āina Kai's evolution. Joyce is the visionary and Ed engineers her dreams to reality.

“I've refused many sculptures”, she said. “Not because they weren't good, but because the right spot for them could not be found. The pieces I choose have to make a statement within the garden.” A powerful statement, she emphasized, cannot be complete without the perfect locale for every work of art – be it atop a knoll, alongside a stream, beneath a particular tree, or rising out of the lagoon.

The sculptures gracing Na ‘Āina Kai encompass five themes:

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